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30.07.2020 | QuickCON

No matter what area of laboratory medicine is involved, with our new QuickCON OrderEntry every digital laboratory request is completed with just a few clicks. The intuitive system is characterized by its high speed and minimal loading times, while offering its users maximum flexibility and individuality.

If a new order is created on the sender side, all patient data and diagnoses are automatically transferred from the physician information system and can be supplemented with additional information. Intelligent selection options facilitate the choice of analytes to be examined. In addition, senders can create their own profiles and request cards, which significantly simplifies regularly recurring examinations in particular. In the shopping cart, all analyses to be requested are categorized according to billing and clearly displayed.

As soon as an order is sent, the laboratory number is entered and an index card entry is created. The required labels are automatically printed in the correct quantity and all relevant slips are created.

The laboratory has the option of defining requirement maps and profiles individually. A wide range of options are available for maximum flexibility. In addition, individual sets of rules can be defined, eliminating possible sources of error from the outset, for example if the number of examinations of certain analytes is limited by the health insurance company.

In addition, forms and labels can be designed and configured as desired - without any programming knowledge.

Our latest development has been natively developed for Windows and Mac OS and can be connected to almost any physician information system.

You want to learn more? We would be happy to show you the QuickCON OrderEntry in a personal presentation.

Picture credits: © Bucher Group

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