Information security - we are certified!

14.01.2022 | Company

The topic of information security is of enormous importance, especially in the healthcare sector. As a software-developing company in this industry, we have a particularly great responsibility. We are aware of this and take this responsibility very seriously.

In recent months, we have therefore worked intensively to give the protection of sensitive information a solid foundation and to build up our information security management system (ISMS for short). The ISMS defines rules and methods to ensure information security in the company and is thus an important building block for our business success.

The audit for ISO/IEC 27001 finally took place shortly before Christmas. We are pleased about the successful certification and take this as an incentive to continue to actively live and continuously develop the ISMS in the company. After all, incidents such as the recently disclosed Log4J security vulnerability make us all aware of how important it is to stay on the ball when it comes to information security.


Picture credits: © Bucher Group

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