E-fax - the first truly secure transmission

27.07.2023 | QuickCON

The medical industry still often relies on the traditional fax, even when it comes to transmitting confidential information. But whether it's the conventional fax machine or the online fax variant, both methods pose security risks because they rely on unencrypted transmission over the Internet.

The e-fax module enables you to send urgent information to your senders in an encrypted and fully traceable form. This is an ideal solution for the transmission of highly pathological findings, for example, where fast response times are essential. In this way, you can easily comply with your statutory notification obligation. In contrast to conventional faxes, we use HTTPS encryption for the transmission of findings and other messages. This means you are always on the safe side legally.

The paper or toner at the practice printer has run out? With the monitoring function of the module, you have clarity at all times about the status of the respective transmitted message. If a report could not be sent correctly, this is evident at first glance. Each step in the message chain can be comprehensively documented: From the first transmission attempt to the notification of the medical emergency service in the worst case. This is also a valuable building block for reliably fulfilling your obligation to notify.

In addition to highly pathological findings, by the way, any other type of document can also be sent with the e-fax module, so that all faxing in the laboratory can be handled via this. In addition, you can freely choose whether the fax is output via a practice printer or as a file on the screen. In this way, you remain flexible with regard to technical requirements. The e-fax module can also be used both as a QuickCON module and as a stand-alone solution.

Would you like to convert your laboratory to sending with e-fax? Just contact us and we will show you how it can make your daily work much easier.

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