Everything you as a lab need to know about the COVID-19 app can be found here.


Label pairs

The basis for the assignment of the samples are pairs of labels consisting of a patient label with QR code and GUID (ID number) and a laboratory label with DataMatrix and the same GUID. You will receive the COVID-19 customer tool from us, with which it is possible to print these labels. The labels are used for patient care in the laboratory as well as for senders and test centers.


Sender facility

You have two options with regard to supplying your senders: Either you print the labels yourself and supply your senders with the already printed sheets or you hand out blank label sheets to the senders, who print them themselves. If you choose the latter, your senders will need to install the COVID-19 Customer Tool. For the sender setup, you can use the COVID-19 Customer Tool in the lab to print out a physician label that contains a GUID that the physician can use to log into the COVID-19 Customer Tool. This allows the sender to print labels independently.


Label distribution

If a swab is taken from a person, this person receives the patient label. The laboratory label is sent to the laboratory together with the referral slip and the sample. The person tested can download the app from the relevant app store and log in using the QR code or ID number.


Assignment in the laboratory

In the laboratory, the DataMatrix code for the order is scanned in. The exact assignment between order and code lies with the laboratory.


Notification of the patient

The COVID-19 app server notifies the person being tested via a push notification that a result is ready for their finding.


Display of the test result

The person tested can now retrieve the test result by scanning the personal QR code again.

Questions and answers 

How can we use the app as a lab?

We will provide you with the COVID-19 customer tool with which you can print the labels for your patients as well as set up access for your senders if they print the labels themselves in the practice.

What are the technical requirements for using the app?

The app is compatible with any laboratory information system. All you need is a process to read in DataMatrix codes - via scanning system, handheld scanner or even manually. Please contact us for further details.

Where do we get the labels?

You will receive the labels from us. We will be happy to explain everything else to you personally.