The oKFE documentation takes up a lot of time in sending practices and laboratories. Thanks to QuickLIS, this effort is now eliminated: the software automatically fills out the documentation forms by transferring all data from the system.

Cytology laboratories and gynecology practices are required to document cancer screening examinations as part of the oKFE guideline. For this purpose, the forms specified by IQTIG must be completed electronically and submitted to the responsible KV on a quarterly basis. This requires a great deal of time and effort on the part of the employees, as the individual forms usually have to be filled out by hand.

With QuickLIS, the documentation obligation is now child's play. The KV documentation module automatically fills out the documentation forms by transferring patient master data, findings and previous findings from the system. This means that the forms are completely pre-filled and can be supplemented manually if necessary. After checking the data, an export file is created that can be sent directly to the KV.

For all users, this approach saves an enormous amount of time - valuable time that is freed up for other things.

Complete prefilling through automatic transfer of patient data, findings and previous findings

Manual additions possible if required

Creation of an export file for transmission to the KV

Kein händisches Ausfüllen und umfangreiches Vervollständigen der oKFE-Dokumentationsbögen nötig

Great time saving and error reduction especially in the sender practice



Info sheet KV documentation (PDF)

For more information on CT documentation, please see our info sheet.

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