With Order Entry, orders are already entered digitally in the doctor's office and transmitted to the laboratory - so order entry is no longer necessary in the laboratory. 

Digital order entry


In most cytology laboratories, incoming orders are captured by OCR scan or entered by hand. Both cost a lot of time and are prone to errors, so that corrections are often necessary. A remedy for this is digital order entry: With QuickLIS Order Entry, the laboratory requirements are already captured completely digitally in the sending physician's office - manual order entry in the laboratory is thus completely eliminated.

When a new order is created in the gynecologist's office, all patient data and diagnoses are automatically transferred from the physician information system and can be supplemented as needed. When entering the order services, predefined mandatory fields help to ensure that no data is forgotten. Consecutive and appropriate selection options eliminate incorrect combinations of examinations. To simplify regularly occurring requests, sending practices can create their own profiles and request cards - uncomplicated and completely without programming knowledge. In this way, laboratory requests can be handled in the doctor's office with just a few clicks.

After saving the order, the transfer slip and the required labels for tubes and vessels are automatically printed in the correct quantity. Only the special labels for slides are printed separately. Meanwhile, the order is already transmitted digitally and encrypted to the cytology laboratory. All data is automatically correct and complete in the laboratory system, there is no need for manual input or checking - this saves a great deal of time and effort. The order can be processed directly as soon as the samples arrive at the laboratory.

Questions and answers 

With which physician information systems is QuickLIS Order Entry compatible?

QuickLIS Order Entry can be connected to almost any physician information system.

With which laboratory information systems is QuickLIS Order Entry compatible?

Our Order Entry is part of our laboratory information system QuickLIS, but can also be used with other, already existing laboratory information systems. We would be happy to review your case. Just contact us.

Does QuickLIS support LDT 3.0?

Yes. We are certified, have a converter and can provide LDT 3.0 data.

Is QuickLIS certified?

Yes. QuickLIS is certified for laboratory data communication.

Which operating systems does QuickLIS support?

QuickLIS is compatible with all Windows operating systems supported by Microsoft and all macOS versions supported by Apple. We would be happy to review your case. Just contact us.

Order Entry Info Sheet (PDF)

For more information on Order Entry, please see our info sheet.

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