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14.12.2022 | Commitment, Company

Success is shareable - that has always been true in our company. And so it is our tradition to give back a little of our success in the form of an annual donation .

The last few years have been very positive economically for our company - an absolute privilege, of which we are very aware. Last year, we expressed the fact that this also results in social responsibility through our major Advent fundraising campaign.

But that's not all... This year, we employees voted and made a decision that each and every one of us personally supports: We are waiving part of our annual bonus and donating 15,789 euros to "Aktion 100 000 und Ulmer helft". This admittedly rather "crooked" sum is the result of a team-internal survey in which each employee was able to decide anonymously whether we should donate part of the bonus and how high the share should be. The democratic average now forms the donation sum.

Aktion 100 000 has made it its mission to support people in need in our immediate neighborhood - a task that is invaluable, especially in these times. We have been following the commitment of the Ulm-based organization for some time now and are very convinced of the unbureaucratic help that the employees provide for the people in our region. And this help is urgently needed, because the Ukraine war, the energy crisis and rising inflation mean that more and more people are now dependent on support . The food banks in Ulm, for example, needed help much earlier in the year than usual to cushion the extra workload, as Aktion 100 000 director Karl Bacherle told us personally.

We are sure that our donation is in the right place here and hope to pass on a small spark of hope in this way - now more than ever.


P.S.: It's not just the team that makes donations. The company itself will also donate a larger sum to various organizations over the coming year. More about this from the beginning of next year...

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