Driving service - optimizes the workflow between laboratory, courier and practice

27.07.2023 | QuickCON

Coordinating the shipment of samples between the doctor's office and the laboratory requires a lot of effort and, until now, has usually run independently of the laboratory software. The courier service module in QuickCON, in combination with a fleet tool, now offers you the opportunity for the first time to comprehensively optimize the interaction between your laboratory, the courier and your senders. From now on, sending sample material will be child's play and maximally efficient.

Efficient routes

To ensure that the lab courier is not left at a closed door, practices can store absence times in the driving service module. If a practice is on vacation, the route is automatically adjusted. If our Order Entry is in use in the practice, the intelligent system checks whether there are any lab orders at all. If there are no orders, the practice staff is automatically prompted to cancel the trip for that day. In this way, unnecessary trips and costs are avoided.

Facilitated communication

For the team in the doctor's office, it is transparent at all times when the vehicle will arrive. In the event of delays or traffic jams, the arrival time is automatically corrected so that the team can react in case of doubt. Urgent or special trips can be requested with just a few clicks. In this case, the route is adjusted or a new vehicle can be sent out if a single trip is necessary. The transport service module facilitates communication between the sending practice and the laboratory immensely.

Maximum planning capability

For the laboratory, the module offers maximum planning capability. Employees can track at any time which vehicle is currently on the road where and when it will arrive with the samples. They can see which consignor the vehicle was with and whether it contains urgent samples, so that prioritization can be flexibly adjusted if necessary.

If you would like to learn more about the driving service module, we would be happy to show it to you in person. Just get in touch with us.

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