Practice laboratory - real added value for your senders

27.07.2023 | QuickCON

Do your senders perform their own smaller laboratory analyses? If so, you can now offer them the option of mapping these analyses via LabMessenger with the practice laboratory module and thus offer them added value, which should also be a convincing argument for potential new customers. The practice laboratory can now be integrated directly into Order Entry and the findings report, making the handling of practice analyses child's play.

With the Practice Lab Module, all of the medical practice's lab instruments can be connected directly to QuickCON; third-party tools are no longer necessary. During analyte selection in Order Entry, the practice analytes are displayed next to your lab analytes. This way, mixed orders are created in no time. Practice lab orders are also written back into the physician information system.

When printing labels, separate number ranges are used for the practice's own laboratory so that there is no risk of confusion here.

The examination results can be accessed via the LDT download and in the findings view, whereby mixed orders are displayed in two separate findings. The findings of the doctor's practice appear in the individual practice design, so that here too it is immediately recognizable from whom the results originate.

When billing, a separate billing type is used for the practice analytes so that they do not show up in the lab bill.

For your senders and potential new customers, the tool means an enormous reduction in workload, as all laboratory analyses can now be covered by one system. This saves time and reduces the workload of the practice team.

For you as a laboratory, the practice lab module is the optimal supplement to retain your existing practices in the long term. The module could also be an attractive incentive for some practices to finally switch from paper to order entry. As far as attracting new customers is concerned, the practice lab module also provides you with an extremely convincing argument.

So do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to present the module to you personally.

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