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You already have an LIS in use, but are missing functionalities such as digital order entry or report transmission? QuickLIS offers modules for sender communication that can be connected to existing laboratory systems - for fully digitalized cytology workflows.

Order Entry

Order entry takes place digitally using Order Entry - all information is already recorded completely digitally in the doctor's office and transmitted to your LIS with the highest level of security. This means that all data is automatically correct and complete in the system, even before the preparations arrive at your premises. There is no need to enter or check the data manually - this simplifies the process and saves an extremely large amount of time.

Real-time transmission of findings

QuickLIS transfers the findings as encrypted LDT files from your laboratory system to the doctors' offices - in real time. There, they can be clearly managed by the practice staff and downloaded again if necessary. All findings are stored on the server in your laboratory and can therefore not be lost. The findings are also read directly into the physician information system at the practice. In the case of critical values, the sender is informed via a push notification.

LDT files meet the highest security standards and offer a much higher level of security than encrypted e-mails or even FTP clients.

Graphical view of findings

Senders have a complete overview of all findings and can filter, sort, mark, and annotate them. In the detailed view, all information on materials and results is broken down individually and displayed clearly. Critical values are highlighted in color.

KV documentation

Laboratories and senders must submit extensive documentation to the responsible KV as part of cancer screening examinations (oKFE documentation). QuickLIS reduces this effort to just a few mouse clicks by automatically transferring patient master data, findings and preliminary findings to the respective report.


Whether you want to clarify an open question or send a file - via chat you can quickly and easily exchange information with your senders. The chat module offers a good overview of all active chat histories and provides information via read status and push notifications. The transmission is always secure via end-to-end encryption. This way you avoid unnecessary communication channels and save a lot of time.

Document exchange

Using the document view, you can provide your senders with all types of documents - whether findings, doctor's letters, invoices or circulars. As soon as a file is viewed by the recipient, this is logged. The documents can be viewed, printed, downloaded or saved locally and are also available in PDF format.

Questions and answers

With which LIS, AIS and HIS are the QuickLIS modules compatible?

QuickLIS is compatible with a wide range of laboratory information systems, hospital information systems and physician information systems. We would be happy to review your case. Just contact us.

Does QuickLIS support LDT 3.0?

Yes. We are certified, have a converter and can provide LDT 3.0 data.

Is QuickLIS certified?

Yes. QuickLIS is certified for laboratory data communication.

Which operating systems does QuickLIS support?

QuickLIS is compatible with all Windows operating systems supported by Microsoft and all macOS versions supported by Apple. We would be happy to review your case. Just contact us.

Info sheet QuickLIS Modules (PDF)

For more information about our QuickLIS modules, please see our info sheet.

Order Entry Info Sheet (PDF)

For more information on Order Entry, please see our info sheet.

Information sheet on the transmission of findings (PDF)

For more information on the findings transmission module, please refer to our info sheet.

Info sheet KV documentation (PDF)

For more information on the KV Documentation module, please refer to our info sheet.

Improve collaboration with your submitters!

All modules can be individually combined with each other and can be connected to your existing LIS. We would be happy to present the possibilities to you in a personal meeting.

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